Marina Ekroos


Dust and sombreros


After Huehuetoca and a couple of injuries we got a little side tracked. We found ourselves at a Charreada in a little village called Presas, located to the south of Hidalgo. Charreada is a Mexican tradition similar to rodeo. A truly authentic experience. I was the only gringa in the arena surrounded by sombreros. Dust was flying around and we had cold beer.

Gabriel spent most of the time sleeping his injuries and hangover away in the van. He also did not feel comfortable seeing the animals being chased after. These kinds of events are part of long traditions and I was there to document the life, but I did not like everything I saw either.

After the Charreada it was time for a barbacoa party for the whole neighbourhood. This was fun. The super delicious Mexican barabacoa is made by baking the meat for hours underground and served with homemade fermented drink called Pulque.


Pulque is as delicious as it is vicious. We made it back home that night. A little tipsy though.


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