Marina Ekroos


Communicating creative details when working remotely


The best way to stand out from the crowd is to do exceptional design and publish content with consistent quality.

Design, at its best, is about having the control to make various elements play together by knowing their limitations and capabilities. This is hard as there is no “one size fits all” solution for digital content. Instead, you end up dealing with countless variations that change by the devices and by the platforms.

For images, every single one needs to be shown in multiple different shapes and sizes during their lifetime. The diversity of the requirements makes this a challenging space to navigate. It is essential to be able to communicate the various scenarios effectively, even when people are not available to discuss it with you right there and then.

Yes, I am talking about reading minds. It is possible.

Frameright is built to make touchpoints communicate on three different levels:

1. Vision in the long term, things like layout or branding in general.
2. Production involving multiple parties, who all need to know what is produced and for what.
3. Tech team building platforms to fit content in.

We build this tech because we want to see a world where technical limitations are no longer used as excuses for mistakes or for boring, mediocre content. We want to remove restrictions from communications and free designers to rethink layouts.

When pictures are under control, any shape or form is possible. Surprise us!

If you work in the tech side of things, Frameright will free you from battling with broken or badly displayed images. Here is a post about the different ways you can introduce Frameright into your techstack.


Getting started is easy, just ask your tech team to integrate the Frameright technology and have your content producers to start using Open an image, define the crops and save. Now the image knows how you want it to look wherever it goes.

Frameright gathers everyone around the same drawing table, where pixels can be tweaked and stories made impactful. Start using at or learn more from our tutorials.

Marina from Frameright