Marina Ekroos


Pacific dream


We had the best ending for the project: enjoying the sea breeze underneath palm trees. My initial plan was to stay in Mexico for three weeks, but at some point we got the perfect idea that we have to visit the beach. 13 years ago when I spent 5 months in Puebla, many beach plans were cancelled.


Throughout the project I had been following what the guys were doing and just playing along, not interfering. But to be honest, the beach part was something I really pushed for. I wanted to see the Pacific side.


What I said about Gabo making all his promises happen was proven on this beach trip. The first plan had been to go to Sayulita beach with a bigger group of people. One day before the trip Gabo called me and told me that it might not happen. People were cancelling and Gabriel had an exam at school. But Gabo knew how important this was to me and he made it happen.


The ride was long, it took at least 6 hours and several road toll’s. I loved the feeling of the air changing from a chilly mountain air into a humid and tropical paradise. Once we got to the beach there was no question whether or not this was worth the effort.


We started the days surfing, slept a bit more, then explored close-by skateparks in Troncones and Ixtapa. The days ended with an evening surf sessions in the sunset.


Last night a beautiful sunset was followed by a bright full moon that we got to enjoy when we headed back towards Mexico City in the early morning. Oatmeal for breakfast was served on the roadside.


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