Marina Ekroos


Pool party at Luka’s


On the third weekend we headed to San Miguel de Allende. A beautiful and peaceful city located few hours north of Mexico City. This is not the first destination one would head out for skateboarding. But… there is a private pool.


We left for San Migue del Allende with a car full of joy. This time we were travelling with Los Bastardos. It is a group formed by Gabriel’s friends, who have been skating together since high school.


We arrived after midnight. The town is located high up in the mountains and the night was very cold. I could hear Ripz shivering when he was sleeping. It felt good to feel the warm sunlight in the morning.


Gabriel had met Luka and his father in a skate park in Mexico City. Luka is very talented and one lucky guy as his parents have built a pool for him.


Offo doing a heelflip


Life is good when your friends are chefs. Offo and Omar created some amazing burgers and nachos with melted cheese, garlic and champignons.


Check out a video about Los Bastardos by Arisbeth Márquez:

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