Marina Ekroos


Skate deconstruct Mexico


The last three weeks I have been in Mexico City working on a documentary photography project. The project is about skateboarding and deconstructing the culture. The trigger for this project was the image above that I took in September 2015 during my last hour in Mexico City before leaving for the airport.


Back in Helsinki, after recovering from the travels, I started thinking about what I had seen in the skate park and how inspiring it was. I came up with the idea to return back to Mexico and document the life of Gabriel, who I had met at the skate park. On our first meeting in Mexico City I had my first surprise: instead of one Gabriel there turned out to be two Gabriels.

Since that meeting I have had the pleasure of following the everyday life of both Gabriels. I have met their friends and family, and have began to understand their relationship with skating.


My method has been to observe the culture as an outsider, to slowly understand it and deconstruct it in to my photography. During this process I have had the pleasure of getting to know two amazing persons and great skateboarders. Two very different personalities, who are determinant and work hard to achieve what they want.


You can follow my trip on my Instagram and you can find the pics of the project under hastag #skatedeconstruct


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