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Photo exhibition in Santa Monica 9/18-11/11/2016


I have some happy news. The Skate Deconstruct project that I was shooting earlier this year in Mexico will be on display in a gallery exhibition in Dogtown, Santa Monica. The exhibition will take place in ETC Art gallery which is located in the historical Zephyr building, the same place where the Z-Boys once hanged out. I couldn’t think of a better place for these photographs to be exhibited.

Here is a first look at the posters created by my favourite Jaakko Hyvärinen:


Skate Deconstruct is a photo story about grass root skateboarding and skate culture in Mexico as seen by an outsider. For five weeks in early 2016 I followed Gabriel and his friend Gabo in and around Mexico City. My method was to observe the culture, slowly understand it and deconstruct it into my photography. What I encountered was very different from the expectations I had of a city that is usually represented by social issues, drugs and violence. Instead of misery, I met motivated and aware young men who work hard to achieve what they value in life. I was impressed by how skateboarding is a healthy lifestyle that requires self discipline, creativity and attitude. While skating is not a team sport, skateboarders are a family who all support each other.

The project started a day earlier than planned, lasted two weeks longer than planned and still surprises me every day as I work through the material. And it seems that the five weeks were just the beginning. As this culture is usually covered by insiders, I am honoured and very grateful that Gabriel and his friends accepted me so quickly and allowed me to see their lives.

It will be busy before the exhibition but I will do my best to write blog posts prior to the exhibition to share some of the stories. You can also follow the project on Instagram @skatedeconstruct.

Skate Deconstruct Photoshow

Every Thing Changes Art Gallery, 2009 Main St, Santa Monica

9/18-11/11/2016, Mon-Fri: 10 a.m.-3 p.m., Sat-Sun: 12 p.m.-3 p.m.

To make an appointment call Leslie Heinze 310-795-9160

Instagram @skatedeconstruct